Monday 8 March 2010

Weldlogic at Advanced Manufacturing

Weldlogic displays a computer-controlled arc-welding package developed to carry out precision automatic welding operations simply and accurately, while offering the flexibility to adapt to a wide range of weld configurations.

The dual process AWS-6100 system combines a set of proven components to provide a complete ‘ready-to-go’ package offering advanced levels of weld process control and automation.

Circumferential, longitudinal and spot welds can be made simply and with a minimum of operator training, says the company. Standard features include a choice of current from 0.1A to 200A for tungsten inert gas (TIG) or plasma welding, arc gap setting and distance control, arc start, multiple current levels, shield gas and back-up control and wire feed controls. All welding functions are synchronised from a single enclosure, putting everything at the operator’s fingertips.

Manufacturers dealing with heat-sensitive components can additionally benefit from AWS-6100’s ability to use the micro-TIG method rather than the traditional electron beam method. For example, automated computer-controlled production of medical devices such as surgical baskets, heart valves and biopsy needles can be carried out using low-level assembly heat to minimise mechanical distortion to the finished product. The manufacture of metal bellows used for conducting gas or liquid between two members that may be susceptible to vibration or sifting is another application for which significant benefits are claimed.

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