Monday 22 March 2010

Meat analyser at IFFA

NDC Infrared Engineering will be showing the simple-to-use InfraLab at-line NIR Meat Analyzer at IFFA (8/13 may 2010 Frankfurt/Main D). At-line measurement using NDC’s proven NIR (Near Infrared) technology, provides a rapid and accurate measurement of moisture, fat or protein in meat, without the need to send samples off for time-consuming laboratory analysis.

The InfraLab can be calibrated to standard laboratory methods such as Gravimetric Oven or Karl Fischer for moisture, Soxhlet (for crude fat), Werner-Schmidt or Weibull Stoldt (for total fat), NMR (for fat) and Kjeldahl for protein. This ensures laboratory accuracy without the costs or the need to use the often-hazardous chemicals associated with laboratory methods. In addition the grab samples used by the InfraLab are much larger than those used by many laboratory techniques making them much more representative of the actual manufacturing process.

Easy to use, and with automated sample detection, the InfraLab requires no special user skills. Measurement data can be stored in the instrument and/or downloaded to a PC at any time for in-depth analysis by tracking measurement values product by product over long time periods.

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