Friday 26 March 2010

Robust, ultra-sensitive sensor measures tensile and compression forces

Kistler's robust Type 9217A sensor uses an ultra-sensitive PiezoStar® element to provide precise measurement of compression and tensile forces under the toughest industrial conditions in production process monitoring systems. With a measuring range of ±500 Newtons and sensitivity of a few millinewtons, the Type 9217A force sensor is equally suitable for use in both production and laboratory applications. The rigid construction ensures that the sensor is resistant to lateral forces and has a high tolerance to bending moments, thus minimizing interference effects. The sensor weighs only 16 g, has an outer diameter of 8.5 mm, overall length of 28.5 mm and an operating temperature range from –80 to +205 oC

Mounting is by an M10 external thread with a front-end hole tapped M3 to provide simple and flexible adaptation for testing switches, push buttons, plugs, springs, etc., and for highly sensitive force measurement in research and development applications. The sensor is supplied with calibrated measuring ranges of 100% and 10%.

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