Monday 8 March 2010

Hamamatsu at Advanced Manufacturing

Hamamatsu Photonics offers a wide range of CMOS linear image sensors for use in analytical instruments such as spectrophotometers and industrial process monitoring equipment. A new range of CMOS linear image sensors (dual inline and surface mount types) has recently been developed offering very high-speed response while maintaining high resolution.

The new S11105 series has 512 pixels with a 12.5 µm pitch giving an aspect ratio of 20:1, thus allowing 20 times the light collection area compared to conventional linear CCDs.

The CMOS arrays incorporate 512 individual photodiode elements with buffer amplifier, digital shift register (multi-plexor) and signal processing circuit (i.e. a correlated double sampling noise reduction circuit) all on the same “monolithic” silicon chip. The S11105 series has a high-speed readout of up to 50 MHz and an electronic shutter function to facilitate high speed imaging. Also both are provided with all the necessary clock generation functions on chip, making system design and implementation easier than ever!

The S11105 series are ideal for applications such as in-line product inspection, portable spectrometers, industrial process control, colour monitoring, medical diagnostics, distance measurement, optical encoders, blood analysers, optical scanners and water pollution analysers.

New this year is a 12-bit digital output colour sensor Photo IC. The S9706 device consists of a matrix photodiode array, coupled to a RGB (red, green and blue) filter matrix to give colour response. The device is combined with ‘in house’ CMOS processing electronics, all contained within a monolithic silicon chip. The output of the S9706 is in 12-bit digital format with the colour intensity of red, green and blue read out sequentially at potentially high speed.

The S9706 is easily operated with a standard 3.3V CMOS power supply and has higher speed and is much lower in cost than three colour image sensors. It is also highly accurate and is easier to implement than current discrete three colour photodiodes.

Hamamatsu has also recently introduced a new range of high power laser diode products. The single bar modules are capable of emission powers from 50 W to 200 W. Depending on the packaging option chosen, up to 75 bars can be stacked in one module, offering a maximum output power of over 11 kW. Various cooling methods are available, from water and Funryu active cooling to open heat sink types. Emission wavelengths including 792 nm, 915 nm and 980 nm, with many more in between easily achievable.

Also on show will be the new LC-L2 range of UV curing systems featuring new higher power UV LEDs (compared to those in the well-established LC-L1) that ensure a high stability light output is easily maintained over the 20,000 hour LED lifetime.

More exhibits at Advanced Manufacturing UK 27-28 April 2010

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