Monday 8 March 2010

Delta Line at Advanced Manufacturing

Delta Line offers a wide variety of products, intended as either single motion products within an application or as a complete system. (MBA Exhibition)

Products include DC and BLDC motors, disc magnet, hybrid or tin can stepper motors, spur gear, planetary and customised gearboxes, encoders and intelligent drives for DC, BLDC or stepper motors.

Included in the line up are Portescap’s new Athlonix brush DC motors; compact, high-efficiency endurance motors that deliver unrivaled speed-to-torque performance in a compact lighter weight package with output power up to 9 W. They are available in 12, 16 and 22 mm frame sizes.

A typical 22 mm coreless motor operating at high load of 15mNm for 5,000 hours can see performance degrade due to the thermal heat it has generated, while at the same time having less power and less energy efficiency due to higher motor regulation factor. Athlonix motors have motor regulation factors that are lower by 5-20% than most comparative motors available, resulting in consistent power density over the motor life-time. As a result, they are ideally suited for use in automation applications such as medical analysers and electronic assembly that require constant pick-and-place operations during machining, assembly and scanning.

Also on show, the Portescap nuvoDisc flat brushless DC miniature motors with an incomparably small footprint (32 mm diameter and 11.7 mm long), nuvoDisc offers superior continuous speed, quick design integration and mechanical installation, and high reliability due to no mechanical wear because it’s a brushless motor and the ball bearings provide excellent life. And as a result of this slotless no cogging design, nuvoDisc benefits from minimal vibration.

Then there’s the new DPM high torque brushless 42 mm motor with integrated Hall sensors. The high energy permanent magnets used in the BLDC motors produce very high efficiency and acceleration with peak torque that can reach 1.44 Nm. The configuration of the stator (10 poles) increases the torque constant value up to 0.054 Nm/A. The DPM brushless range includes motors from 22 mm diameter up to 86 mm with a rated torque range from 8 mNm to 2.1 Nm and in lengths of 40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm.

More exhibits at Advanced Manufacturing UK 27-28 April 2010

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