Monday 8 March 2010

HEPCOMotion at Advanced Manufacturing

The notion that any type of linear actuator can be chosen for any axis in an X-Y-Z system will be challenged by HepcoMotion at this year’s show (MBA). The demands on each of the axes vary considerably so a ‘one-type-fits-all’ approach will ultimately compromise performance, reliability and service life of the overall system.

On a specially developed demonstration unit, HepcoMotion will show that with the correct choice of linear actuator, each axis will operate optimally. The company has developed a family of actuators to address the different characteristics in each axis. If required, these elements can then be incorporated into a chassis made from its comprehensive MCS machine construction system and given intelligent control through HepcoMotion’s partnership with Smart Drive.

The demonstrator will show the HepcoMotion PDU2 linear actuator operating as the X-axis foundation of the system. This popular product features the ultra-high performance Herculane wheel technology in a compact and cost-effective belt driven unit.

As a Y-axis typically requires high load capacity and stiffness against twisting loads, the PDU2M with high moment load capacity will feature. And the needs of the Z-axis are different again, with enhanced linear force and higher gearing a common requirement.

The new PSD80 is the ideal choice for the task, with drive from a super-smooth stainless steel lead screw operating with a bearing polymer nut. It, too, uses Herculane wheel technology in a unit that is perfectly matched to the other axes in terms of performance, size and cost.

HepcoMotion supplies it X-Y-Z systems as individual parts, in kit form or as fully assembled units.

More exhibits at Advanced Manufacturing UK 27-28 April 2010

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