Monday 15 March 2010

Automatic transfer switch

Gresham Power Electronics has just released its new Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), a state-of-the-art power switching and management module that monitors, selects, and transfers up to 600 W of AC power between two independent AC power sources in less than 10 mS.

This device was developed for an industry-leading broadcast TV OEM for an application in which AC power must be quickly transferred between a primary and a back-up source, typically within 7 mS, to prevent service downtime and loss of revenue for broadcast TV operators. The broadcast TV industry defines a maximum time limit for restoration of power upon a power outage and the new Gresham Power ATS allows broadcast operators to satisfy that requirement. This device also is suitable for a wide range of other applications in telecommunications, Internet infrastructure, security & surveillance, and similar areas that require a fast transfer to a back-up power source.

Jake Moir, Managing Director of Gresham Power comments, "Continuous, reliable supply of power is an essential requirement for television broacasters and many other industrial and IT applications. Our new automatic transfer switch provides a compact, reliable, cost effective solution to providing high integrity no-break power.”

The Gresham Power ATS features a universal AC input range of 85 to 264VAC at 47 to 63Hz (with capability up to 440 Hz) and fully supports electronic switch mode power supply (SMPS) load types that incorporate active power factor correction. An on-board microcontroller provides real-time DSP monitoring and analysis of incoming AC line voltage, regardless of wave shape. Most functions and features can easily be defined by users to meet the requirements of unique applications. For example users can designate either of the two AC inputs as the primary source of power, program input voltage threshold detection and transfer limits, adjust the time delays for transfers and set specific operations of LED visual indicators (function/intensity/blink rate).

In addition a serial I²C bus allows programmable serialisation and part numbering data to be stored. With a power transfer efficiency of 99% and a MTBF reliability of >1.5M hours per Bellcore 332 Issue 6 (30°C), this ATS can significantly enhance the value of an end user’s system

The Gresham Power ATS features a building block design that allows simple modification and adjustment to support any product that requires alternate switchable AC source to maintain services. It measures just 38x108x216mm (1.5x4.25x8.50 inches) and includes a printed circuit board with an edge-card connector for pluggable applications. The faceplate houses two panel-mounted AC power inlets (IEC-320 dual fused), one AC power outlet, and LED indicators for input power status. The AC model configuration allows up to a 6A or approximately 600VA power transfer capability into resistive, inductive or electronic loads. A metal faceplate with integrated locking hardware and an EMI gasket completes this pluggable device that can be put into a 1U, 2U, or 3U chassis.

The Gresham Power ATS can be configured quickly to meet customer-specific requirements for a best fit into unique applications. It supports customisations ranging from mechanical variations to faceplate silk-screening. DC input options are available. All models are CE marked, certified to EN60950 and UL60950, and support EN55022 class B emissions.

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