Friday 19 March 2010

Melt pressure measuring chain for North America!

Kistler Instrument Corporation has announced the North American market introduction of Type 4021A, a melt pressure measuring chain with ½”-20 UNF thread, designed to simultaneously measure short duration pressure peaks and temperatures.

The robust design of the Type 4021A incorporates a melt pressure sensor, constructed of a very stable, high-temperature piezoresistive silicon sensing element, with an abrasion-resistant stainless steel diaphragm, and an integral amplifier, which is designed to match the sensor. The sensor is offered in multiple lengths and angular configurations, in pressure measurement ranges of 0 to 29000 psi (0 to 3000 bar) and temperature ranges of 32 to +662°F (0 to +350°C), with choice of cable lengths.

The unique performance characteristics allow for mounting of the sensor directly in the flow of material. This eliminates the time lag typically associated with indirect measurement systems, and enables direct real-time measurement of the process parameters determining product quality. Integration of measurement signals into machinery control systems, as a means of recording or controlling production processes, offers a practical means of enhancing production efficiencies.

It is ideal for use in demanding short-cycle process monitoring environments, such as those typically found within metal injection molding (MIM), ceramic injection molding or hot-runner systems. As the sensor does not contain any transmission medium, it is ideal for use in medical applications. Units may also be used for static pressure measurements within polymer pumps or other demanding environments. An optional service kit for forming and cleaning the sensor hole (Type 4193) is recommended for use with this sensor.

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