Monday 15 March 2010

New AC speed controller

Rittal’s new SK3120.200 is an electronic speed control for 2-pole single-phase AC motors which replaces the older controllers SK3120.000 and SK3120.115. The new device has a supply range from 100v to 230v 50/60Hz in one unit and is a simple snap fit onto standard 35mm support rails, which makes it easier to position within the enclosure.

Supplied with a temperature sensor that can be positioned within the enclosure to monitor particular hot spots, the device controls the fan speed based on a manually adjusted set point P1 to ensure optimum cooling and noise reduction is given at all times. A minimum speed set point P2 allows full control over cooling within the enclosure.

A visual LED and an alarm relay will give indication of either over temperature, fan fail, sensor fail or short circuit and interruption to the supply cable or fan cable.

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