Monday 8 March 2010

Rational machines in factory automation

The International Society of Automation (ISA) announces that its ongoing publishing partnership with O3neida has produced a new technical publication, Domain Ontologies for Reasoning Machines in Factory Automation, by Jose L. Martinez Lastra, Ivan M. Delamer, and Fernando Ubis.

This is the first book dedicated to the exciting topic of “Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Machines.” It introduces the concept of ontology as a way to represent formal knowledge using logic constructs. It then presents a methodology for building domain ontologies, and finally introduces logic reasoners and some of the tools available for editing domain ontologies.

The authors envisage future production platforms dynamically adaptable to market changes with a minimum of human involvement; therefore, they target reasoning machines that are able to collaborate and automatically reconfigure themselves to meet evolving production needs and achieve rapid product changeover. This autonomous behavior can only be accomplished when knowledge about processes, products, and industrial equipment is represented in a way that machines can understand. The work referenced was carried out at the Factory Automation Systems and Technologies Laboratory of the Department of Production Engineering at the Tampere University of Technology in Finland.

This volume is the latest in a series of seven books on automation technologies that was introduced in 2008 when the first book, IEC 61499 Function Blocks for Embedded and Distributed Control Systems Design, by Dr. Valeriy Vyatkin, was published. Two other books are scheduled for publication later in 2010.

Wikipedia on ontology!

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