Tuesday 3 April 2012

Modbus RS-485 multi-drop support

Control Technology Corp has added Modbus RS-485 multi-drop support as a standard feature to its Model 5300 Automation Controller. The 5300 supports RS-485 in master or slave configurations; the 5300 can also fill master and slave roles concurrently for two or more connected networks (see diagram).

Users can run a different protocol off of each port on the Model 5300, with TCP, RS-485 and RS-232 all supported, serving as a bridge between different protocols.

"Modbus remains a time tested and immensely popular standard," said Tom Schermerhorn, CTC President. "The Model 5300 provides maximum flexibility because it supports Modbus on multiple protocols within the same physical network."

Modbus is easy to set up and supports unique poll rates for slave devices. Modbus is available now. See also CTC's Modbus Corner!

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