Friday 20 April 2012

Firmware & workbench for building automation products!

ISaGRAF has released ISaGRAF version 6.1. ISaGRAF is the industry-leading IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 compliant firmware and workbench for building industrial automation products. ISaGRAF 6.1 is a major release, consisting of a new workbench, and the new version 5.3 of the C5 firmware. Now based on the powerful Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010, it offers improved speed, a new and improved user interface, and enhanced windows docking and package management.

Version 6.1 includes plug-ins for new features as well as plug-ins to implement some of the features that made the award-winning ISaGRAF 5 so popular with customers worldwide. Amongst the features reintroduced in the ISaGRAF 6.1 Workbench is the addition of an IEC 61499 editor. Other available languages include: LD, FBD, ST, SFC, and SAMA.

Another important feature now available with this latest release is Version Source Control, which provides a means for multiple users to work on the same elements (e.g. Device, Resource, POU) by performing a check-out/check-in. It also allows users to manage multiple versions of a project, back-up and restore entire projects or certain elements of a project, and compare files between different versions.

Other new ISaGRAF 6.1 features include User Interrupts, Failover, Dependency Tree, Block Library, Variable Lock Monitor, and Controller Status.

Since different types of applications require different types of Interrupts (e.g. time, pulse, I/O…), ISaGRAF’s implementation of Interrupts provides a toolkit that allows OEMs to define and map their interrupts to an ISaGRAF application. It also includes a plug-in for end-users to configure and program the interrupts.

Failover is a back-up operational mode in which the functions of a control system are assumed by a secondary control system when the primary system becomes unavailable due to equipment failure or scheduled down time. It is used to make control systems more fault-tolerant. The ISaGRAF 6.1 Failover feature allows the user to modify control decisions and change the conditions under which a controller gains or loses control.

The Dependency Tree plug-in provides users with a complete overview of all related elements in an application so that they can see all variable dependencies, as well as ascendant and descendant dependencies for each variable.

The Block Library is a user interface improvement that allows users to drag and drop any function or function block into a program instead of making a selection from the block selector. Functions and function blocks are contextual to the selected project, device or resource, they are grouped by scope or category, and users can also search by block name.

The Variable Lock Monitor displays a list of all locked variables.

The Controller Status feature provides users with key information about their controller, including the version of the project they are running, as well as the cycle time and the number of locked variables.

The new C5 Firmware version 5.3 has several new templates, including Microsoft Windows and Linux templates for the new User Interrupts and Failover features. Other new features include SFC priorities for simultaneous transition in the event of OR divergence.

ISaGRAF 6.1 still includes a free version consisting of the ISaGRAF Free Firmware running on XP Embedded, 32- and 64-bit Windows XP®, Windows Vista® & Windows 7®, and a fully functioning version of the ISaGRAF 6.1 workbench, with which developers can create complete applications. The ISaGRAF Free Firmware includes a Modbus TCP Client, as well as a Modbus TCP Server.

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