Thursday 12 April 2012

Compact and robust emergency pull wire switches

Conveyor plants for bulk goods, woodworking machines, handling plants for drinks bottles and crates: emergency pull wire switches are often used in machines and plants which are especially demanding. Adverse conditions can include dust and dirt, as well as damp, fluctuations in temperature and high levels of mechanical wear and tear.

With the aim of providing customers with an “Extreme” version for precisely this application profile, steute has fundamentally redesigned its very successful ZS 71 emergency pull wire switch.

One of the modifications is particularly effective sealing of the enclosure. Replacing metal with high-quality plastic as the enclosure material has made it suitable for long-term use in corrosive environments. Another change is a stainless steel draw gear; the mounting screws are also stainless steel.

Thanks to numerous optimisations of its construction, the ZS 71 »Extreme« can even be exposed to a high-pressure cleaner without any detrimental effect to its long-term functionality. This is documented by its categorization in protection class IP 69K. Another variant, in protection class IP 67 and able to withstand cold temperatures of down to -40 °C, is also available.

The safety features of the ZS 71 Extreme include integrated pulling and tearing monitoring of the wire, which can be up to 35 metres long. Its compact design enables it to be integrated in existing constructions, even in very narrow locations.

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