Tuesday 10 April 2012

New quad-port PoE frame grabber

AdlinkTechnology has released their quad-port GigE Vision frame grabber, the GIE64+, featuring PoE (Power over Ethernet), IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol and smart PoE application programming interface. The GIE64+ supports PCI Express® x4 lane, 4 independent Gigabit Ethernet ports with data transfer rates up to 1 Gb/s, and GigE Vision camera compliance. With multi-channel synchronization, PoE interface, IEEE 1588 PTP technology and Smart PoE support, the GIE64+ dramatically cuts cabling requirements by as much as 60%, significantly reducing maintenance burdens and boosting ease of use. The GIE64+ is perfectly suited to manufacturing environments utilizing multi-camera acquisition.

The GIE64+ supports IEEE 1588, providing a software trigger mode for multi-camera synchronized captures. Combining IEEE 1588 and PoE function, the GIE64+ utilizes a lone Ethernet cable for power supply, data transfer, and synchronization. In a typical 4-channel image system, as an example, with the GIE64+, only four cables are required rather than the conventional twelve, representing a clear reduction in TCO (total cost of ownership). In addition, the GIE64+ further supports a smart PoE application programming interface, enabling easy power status programming and auto detection of compatibility with both PoE and non-PoE devices. Operational simplicity and energy efficiency are enhanced exponentially.

“As the demands on GigE Vision solutions increase, ADLINK has responded by offering two distinct PoE solutions for the machine vision industry. For image acquisition operations in which flexibility and expandability are key, ADLINK provides ideal PoE frame grabbing capability in our GIE64+. And we also provide compact and ready-to-deploy platforms with our EOS series of embedded vision systems, meeting or exceeding customer requirements for factory automation and other application platform solutions.” stated Neil Chen, Adlinks’s Product Manager of Digital Imaging.

The GIE64+ provides link aggregation, increasing double-speed networking by merging 2 Gigabit Ethernet pathways into a single connection. An easy-to-read I/O-mounted LED display comprehensively communicates PoE status for worry-free power monitoring. Full driver support is provided for Windows 7/XP.

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