Tuesday 3 April 2012

Profile for motor starters

CiA (CAN in Automation) has released the CiA 442 CANopen profile for IEC 61915-2 compatible motor starters. The IEC standard specifies a bus-independent profile for motor starters, soft starters, and motor management starters. The CiA profile is functional compatible and adds just the mapping to the CANopen application layer (CiA 301). In particular, it specifies the format of the commands and status information as well as the PDO parameters.

The motor (soft) starter continuously controls the three-phase motor’s voltage supply during the start-up phase. They limit the torque. This way, the motor is adjusted to the machine’s load behavior. Mechanical operating equipment is accelerated in a gentle manner.

The benefit of the bus-independent, international standardized profile is that the user saves its software investment, if suppliers or network technologies are changed. The finite state machine is standardized as well as the functional behavior. Of course, the mapping to messages depends on the used network. The CANopen profile pre-defines all PDOs as event-triggered. Synchronous transmission is optionally possible.

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