Wednesday 4 April 2012

Improving efficiency in milk processing

The North German company Hansa-Milch based in Upahl in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region took the decision to deploy Siemens technology for its milk delivery process – from the weighing system to the tank discharge points. Using RFID solutions as well as IWLAN and Simatic S7 control technology, Hansa- Milch has achieved a marked increase in efficiency across the entire milk processing work flow – from delivery through processing to product traceability.

With the changeover to Siemens Industry Automation Division technology, Hansa- Milch has achieved a significant increase in the efficiency of its milk supply operations. By extending the scope of acquisition data, for instance, the new technology permits specific differentiation of milk types, whether certified organic or freedom foods categories through to specially protected regions of origin. Since the modernization was completed, Hansa-Milch has relied on industrial WLAN, RFID and Simatic-S7 control technology from the point of milk delivery through to dispatch. The central element is an ingenious weighing system in operation as the trucks arrive and depart.

The new system has allowed Hansa-Milch (a subsidiary of the German-Danish- Swedish corporation Arla Foods), to optimise its work processes and reduce the workload for all those involved, from truck drivers and gatekeepers to production employees. The seamless electronic verification chain generated to ensure product traceability allows Hansa-Milch to now respond to suppliers’ questions quickly and to a high standard of quality.

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