Monday 16 April 2012

Improved image quality first, system update later

Step-by-step change-over, first step: process images for the standard resolution of current 19“ systems are displayed 1:1 centered on the 22“/24“ wide-screens

For upcoming replacements of visualisation stations with 19" screens in the conventional 5:4 format, R. STAHL offers a solution that allows users to modernise in two steps and in their own time. Modern 22" or 24" devices of the T-IND or T-EX series on the one hand immediately improve user-friendliness compared to older systems, since LED backlights ensure a more brilliant display and thus a better readability of the images. On the other hand, the purchase of these wide-screen devices not only represents mere maintenance, but also a future-proof investment. Displays of this generation already pave the way for a future upgrade of operating and process control systems, all of which are designed with distinctly higher resolutions and in 16:9 or 16:10 formats.

To ensure a comfortable change-over, all 22" and 24" devices of the T-series have been optimised for such a step-by-step migration. Process images of existing systems are displayed 1:1 on the new devices, without any need for additional project engineering or configuration. At a later upgrade of the operating system and the process control system, the large wide-screens already provide the space and opportunity for the effective display of new process images. By upgrading to new displays already today, with a system upgrade planned for a later date, users also benefit from the current lower prices and divide their investments in operating technology at their process plant in two, with a positive impact on current liquidity.

In Ireland, Stahl is represented by Douglas Control & Automation.

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