Saturday 14 April 2012

Paperless recorder

The new FX1000 paperless recording system, from Yokogawa, provides premium features and performance for cost-sensitive OEM suppliers and end user process recording applications. Delivering a high level of measurement, recording, and networking functionality in a compact package, the shallow 6.5” case depth behind the panel allows for installation in tight locations and easy system integration.

A high-precision wide view angle 5.7” color display provides outstanding visibility of trend, digital, bar graph and historical display mode information. Up to 12 universal input channels are available with optional alarm relays, loop power supply, remote control inputs, and 24V AC/DC power. Standard 400MB secure non-volatile flash memory provides long term data storage. Compact Flash removable media and USB media support are optional.

A unique AC power measurement option allows the unit to trend and record 3-phase AC energy consumption that is highly useful for monitoring, diagnostic, and energy conservation applications.
Specialized options include pulse input integration for turbine flow meter measurement, logarithmic scale for vacuum furnace monitoring, and calibration correction for precise temperature measurement in a wide range of applications.

Flexible network connectivity options round out the FX1000 feature list to include FTP file transfer, email messaging, web browser display, and Modbus RTU master/slave \and Modbus TCP client/server functions.

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