Monday 23 April 2012

Dispose of the cost of disposal!

Supplying an improved cooling solution is only half of the battle. There is also the question of how do clients dispose of the old cooling units? Rittal can solve this problem if the cooling units are old, inefficient, require frequent maintenance or are not working at all then. A new Rittal cooling system may help to save both time and energy.

Rittal’s new ‘Blue e’ cooling units    
Regardless of whether or not old cooling units are operational or even manufactured by Rittal, return them within 4 weeks of receiving the replacement Rittal equipment and Rittal will arrange for their disposal, saving the cost and inconvenience of having to make your own arrangements.

Rittal has a vast range of robust and reliable cooling solutions, including the recently introduced TopTherm Generation ‘Blue e’ cooling units. These units utilise revised refrigeration components, EC fan technology and Rittal’s Eco-mode control system to deliver energy savings of up to 45%. Not only are they energy efficient, they are also equipped with nano-coated condenser coils, which negate the need for filters in the majority of applications. An integrated electric condensate evapora-tor maintains an efficient supply of cooling for longer periods of time and increases maintenance intervals.

Help with installation of new units is available if required and for complete confidence, all of Rittal products are supported by a global service capability.

Contact Rittal to arrange a visit for an assessment of your needs and in the selection of cooling products that best satisfy your company’s requirements.

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