Friday 27 April 2012

Through the hole sensors!

The WAS range of load cells from LCM Systems has been designed specifically for engineers who need the force application component to pass through the centre of the load cell. Examples where they are used include bolt tension monitoring, press tool force measurement, forklift truck overload protection and failsafe cable tension monitoring. These ‘through the hole’ sensors can be also referred to as annular load cells, force washers or donut load cells.

Manufactured in stainless steel and environmentally sealed to IP66, the standard WAS cells range from 12.5kN to 540kN. However, LCM Systems specialise in the design of custom load cells and have answered the specific needs of many companies who require non-standard products. One such project involved the manufacture of a high temperature, stainless steel annular load cell for use in paper machinery. The challenge here was to design a through the hole sensor that was not only gave accurate load measurements but could work in both wet and dry conditions, in temperatures that varied from 10 – 100 degrees, yet was less that 30mm high. The final product was produced to the customer’s exacting requirement and was delivered with calibration certificates showing accuracy less than +/- 0.20%.

All these load cells can be supplied as stand alone products or can be incorporated into specific instrumentation packages.

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