Wednesday 18 April 2012

Energy meters up-dated

Carlo Gavazzi has updated its popular family of easy-to-install DIN three phase energy meters to meet the requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). The EM23-DIN energy meter and EM24-DIN energy analyser are available with immediate effect and will be closely followed by the EM21 meter with detachable display and EM26 meter with pulse output and MODBUS. Suited to both active and reactive energy metering and cost allocation, the meters are ideal for use in smart building and building automation applications.

The self-powered EM23 energy meter offers direct three-phase connection up to 65A and is now available with 2V or 9V rating and an autorange function up to 1kWh. Just four DIN modules wide, the meter requires no programming and simple configuration is achieved via a built in joy stick. An LCD display shows both active and reactive measurements and a pulse output is provided for easy transmission of energy values to PLCs. The meter is mounted in an IP50 housing (front face) to protect against dust and moisture ingress.

Featuring a built in joystick and LCD display, the EM24 three-phase Energy Analyser has two digital outputs for either dual pulse, dual alarm or one pulse/one alarm, and the pulse output duration can be set at Ton of 30 or 100ms. Alternative input options are for a RS485 communication port or Dupline port, both with three digital inputs for connection to up to three energy meters such as gas, hot/cold water or kWh. In addition, the prescaler decimal point can be selected by the user from 0.001 to 999.9 (m3/pulse or kWh/pulse).

The EM24 is now available with full integrated power for easy installation or just positive power integration, and the CT ratio can be selected when switched on for the first time. When used in conjunction with the VMU-B RS485 to M-BUS converter, EM24 outputs can be read by a secondary address programmed at the calibration stage.

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