Monday 16 April 2012

Controller symplifies measuring & loading liquids into transporting vessels

Features an expanded set of keypad configuration commands and recognises ethanol for volume correction

Emerson Process Management has released significant updates to the DL8000 Preset Controller. New features on the unit simplify and enhance its capability to perform the blending, measurement, control and monitoring needed to provide highly productive and rapid operations for the most common loading configurations.

The DL8000 now features an expanded set of configuration commands that can be entered directly from the keypad. Operators can easily change Meter Factor, K Factor, perform a meter prove and read and change other process parameters.

It now provides support for ethanol volume correction based on either the OIML-R22 (1973) or ABNT NBR 5992 standards. Configuring a unit for ethanol product measurement is simple, requiring only the selection of ethanol fluid type, the selection of the preferred standard volume correction and a user-entered mass percentage of ethanol for the ethanol/water mixture.

The instrument features a straightforward, fill-in-the-blanks approach to configuration and covers a wide variety of liquids including crude oil, refined products, special application products, lubricating oils and light hydrocarbons. The DL8000 is packaged in a Class 1 Division 1 explosion proof enclosure or a Class 1 Division 2 enclosure. The DL8000 carries approvals from the NTEP National Test and Evaluation Program under the US National Council on Weights and Measures, and CSA/UL approval.

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