Thursday 5 April 2012

Thermo-paramagnetic Oxygen analyser

Michell Instruments has released details of the XTP601, the latest addition to its range of oxygen analysers. Based on the highly stable thermo-paramagnetic sensor, the XTP601 provides fast, accurate measurements of oxygen levels in various background gases.

Capable of measuring Oxygen from 0-1% up to 0-25% and suppressed zero ranges, such as 90-100%, the analyser provides solutions for applications ranging from biogas plants to monitoring blanketing gases in oil tankers.

The XTP601 is configurable to suit specific applications and budgets with three options:
• Blind transmitter version (settings, controls and readings accessible via application software)
• Transmitter with status LEDs (settings, controls and readings accessible via application software)
• Full display analyser (settings and readings are accessible with on-screen controls or via application software)

All of these options may be rated for either safe or hazardous area use. Hazardous area classifications are available for ATEX, IEC Ex with CCSAUS pending approval.

The full display version of the XTP601 has a touch screen interface to enable easy operation without needing to remove the lid. This means that users can calibrate, change settings and interrogate the instrument in the hazardous area without the need for a ‘hot permit’. Menus allow easy access to information on oxygen concentration; analyser status; a graph showing oxygen trends over a user-defined time period; alarm history; minimum and maximum concentrations and other parameters to aid diagnosis of plant conditions.

Free software is available for the XTP601 to enable users to monitor, operate and calibrate any version of the instrument remotely via a PC or control system.

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