Wednesday 25 April 2012

LVDT arrays help measure structural floor deflection

RDP Electronics are often called on to supply arrays of LVDTs for situations where it is important to measure the structural strength of floors.

A common requirement is for the strength of the floor to be determined when a indication of loading is required. Alternatively, for otherwise routine testing of structural floors inside buildings, or for concrete beams and structures inside railway stations for example, where it is necessary to measure how much the floor structure moves when a load is applied. The systems supplied by RDP involve an array of LVDT's and usually measure the frame above the floor before the floor is loaded, and the deflection is then monitored at various points. RDP has a comprehensive range of LVDTS which employ an operating principle that requires no electrical contact across the transducer position sensing element which for the user of the sensor means clean data, infinite resolution and a very long life. RDP has several decades of experience in the research, development and manufacture of LVDTs to internationally recognised quality standards.

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