Tuesday 17 April 2012

Shine a brighter light!

Lightweight portable LED light for hazardous areas provides eight hours of operation

New portable LED light provides up to eight hours of operation with one battery charge. Coloured filters can be comfortably carried along

With a maximum luminous intensity of 24,000 Candela and a range of up to 155 m at a 1 lx illuminance, R. STAHL's portable LED light for hazardous areas outshines conventional lights with similar designs. Weighing just under 1.5 kg, the completely revised 6148 series is now also lighter than previous models on the market. After up to eight hours of operation, the light's VRLA battery is fully recharged after a maximum charging time of twelve hours. The 4.5 Ah battery has a service life of up to four years even under intensive use. The long lighting duration per battery charge is achieved through LED technology: the main LED, which generates cold white light with a colour temperature of 6,000 K, requires only 3 W.

The ergonomically designed light can be easily operated with one hand. The IP66-protected units are suitable for rugged environments and ambient temperatures between -20 and +50 °C. In addition to IEC Ex and ATEX certifications, the portable light comes with the automotive certificate E1. A dim function allows users to quickly and easily adjust the luminous intensity of the portable light. Furthermore, the unit features a blinking mode which is also available when the light is dimmed, and an integrated emergency light function. The portable light is delivered with a charger that supports input voltages of 12...30 V DC as well as 100...240 V AC. Accessories include a connection cable that enables operation of the charger in a vehicle, and an adapter for other chargers. If the battery is charged in a vehicle, the charger monitors the input voltage and stops the charging process when the vehicle battery is put under too much stress. Optionally, the new portable light can be equipped with yellow and red colour filters and a diffuser lens. Moreover, a belt clip and a shoulder strap are available for comfortable carrying and hands-free operation.

• In Ireland, Stahl is represented by Douglas Control & Automation.

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