Wednesday 20 November 2013

Triple output linear PSU provides up to 8 amps

Aim-TTi has extended its PL series of linear regulated laboratory power supplies to include a triple output model, the PL303QMT.

Unlike most triple output PSUs, all three outputs are full performance with CV/CI modes, simultaneous voltage/current metering, and switchable remote sense. Total power is 228 watts.

The PL303QMT has two identical 30V/3A outputs with quad-mode switching which provides independent, tracking and true parallel modes, the latter providing 30V/6A from a single output.

The third output offers 0 to 6V at 0 to 8A, an unusually high current for a linear regulated unit. The resolution for this output is increased from 10mV to 1mV and current resolution of 1mA is maintained up to 8A with a selectable low-current range with 0.1mA resolution.

The unit is compact being 3/4 rack width (320mm) by 3U high (130mm). A rack mount kit is available which can accommodate the PL303QMT alone or in combination with any single output PL or PLH model.

The PL303QMT-P has identical front panel control but adds a full range of digital remote control interfaces including USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN, the latter being LXI compliant.

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