Wednesday 27 November 2013

Air cushion plates for fast and reliable transport

Festo has launched its new ATBT air cushion plates, which are the first choice for fast and gentle transporting of flat panel displays and photovoltaic substrates, as well as cell packs for electro-mobility. They make contactless handling of substrates easy, regardless of their size and weight.

The ATBT air cushion plates generate a thin air cushion on the fine surface, which enables the glass panels and delicate films used in the solar and electronics industries to glide evenly. The air cushion plate uses an air-permeable material with a microporous texture. This ensures an even, constant air flow with low compressed air consumption and allows thin-film modules, coated on both sides, to travel through the manufacturing process on an air cushion without contact.

Electric drives control the modules during the process, while suction cups made of special material don’t leave any residue behind on the thin-film cells. A diagnostic module measures the exact distance between the glass and the air cushion plate and uses this to control the air consumption in an energy-efficient manner.

Whether for loading and unloading, intermediate buffers, lifting and centring, holding and clamping items using a vacuum or for use in inspection and test devices, precise X-Y-movement systems or photolithography devices – air cushion plates are the transport system of choice.

For the easiest selection of ATBT air cushion plates, Festo has created an engineering software tool. It allows the design engineer to enter the design parameters and therefore select the correct air cushion plate for their application.

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