Friday 15 November 2013

Multichannel transmitter for water, wastewater & process.

Transmitter has EtherNet/IP connectivity for easy, seamless integration with Rockwell's PlantPAx Process Automation System.

The Liquiline CM44 multichannel transmitter features an integrated web server that allows the operator to remotely view diagnostic data, perform configuration, or access device parameters via any web browser. Data can be securely accessed and maintenance functions can be performed via Endress+Hauser’s FieldCare asset management system. It may be used for process monitoring in the water, wastewater, chemical, power and other industries.

Thanks to their Memosens® technology, customers can now use EtherNet/IP and one CM44 transmitter to access many parameters and accept inputs down to the sensor level including sensor condition and diagnostics. They also have the ability to configure up to eight Memosens digital sensors via remote access, including nitrate, spectral absorption coefficient (SAC), pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, free-chlorine and ion selective electrode sensors.

The modular four-wire transmitter is available in one to eight-channel versions and can be expanded at any time, and users can easily swap or mix and match any combination of sensors. The CM44 transmitter recognises the sensor and will begin operating immediately without rebooting the transmitter. Memosens protocol sensors can be pre-calibrated and the sensor-specific data is stored in the sensor.

With just a few clicks, an EtherNet/IP enabled multiparameter transmitter is enabled and ready to provide critical process information to a PlantPAx control system. Total process management is now possible, because operators now have the ability to integrate, configure and commission in minutes, not hours as with other networks.

Traditionally, devices measuring and controlling process variables rely on a process instrumentation network to transfer data, while other devices within the plant work on a completely different network. By improving this complex multi-tier networking strategy with one standard network architecture – EtherNet/IP – users have better access to real-time information. This improves the ability to monitor overall performance, troubleshoot out-of-margin conditions and minimise downtime.

The Liquiline CM44 multiparameter transmitter and all Endress+Hauser products built on the 4-wire, Liquiline platform, such as the Liquistation water sampler, are pre-engineered to integrate seamlessly with the PlantPAx process automation system, helping users simplify their network architecture, reduce deployment time, and facilitate connectivity from the instrumentation level to the business systems level. In addition to EtherNet/IP connectivity, the multiparameter transmitter has built-in connectivity to Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus, HART and 485 networks.

Together with Memosens and the EtherNet/IP technology, interoperability is assured – opening new possibilities for process monitoring, quality assurance, lowered operational costs and safety.

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