Wednesday 13 November 2013

Double sales for wireless load cells! #PAuto

A year since introducing intermediate capacities of its popular Radio Telemetry Wireless Link Load Cells (RILL), load cell manufacturer LCM Systems has seen sales of this particular product double. 

Manufactured from high tensile aluminium, the RILL is lightweight, while the shackle holes are steel bushed to ensure they are rugged and hardwearing. The RILL link load cells use a license free 2.4Ghz radio and are supplied with a battery powered handheld indicator that displays the load in tonnes. They are ideal for lifting and weighing applications, either on the factory floor or in offshore environments.

Commenting on this increase in sales, Managing Director Steve Sargeant says: “As link load cells increase in popularity, more and more engineers have been designing them into load monitoring projects. By introducing the new intermediate ranges in November last year with capacities that fall in line with the ratings and sizes of industry standard shackles, we were able to give our customers more choice and at a more economical price. The series has also been extended to include lower load ratings (from 1 tonne) and at the other end of the scale, a new 500 tonne link has been introduced. They can be supplied as a simple link or our technical engineers can integrate additional instrumentation to turn them into complete systems with added functionality.”

Customers worldwide have used the LCM link load cells for applications as diverse as under hook crane weighing, crane load and beam proof testing, cable tension measurement and water weights filling. All with fantastic results and for projects delivered on time and within budget.

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