Thursday 28 November 2013

Power modules utilise split output topology for superior dynamic behavior!

The body diode reverse recovery charge of a SiC MOSFET  from Vincotech, is lower than that of an Si MOSFET, but still not as beneficial as with SiC Schottky diodes. As the switching performance demands for new wide band-gap components increases, so do the requirements for the commutation process. The split output topology provides an additional tool to reduce turn-on losses and boost cross-conduction suppression. Installed at the module level it negates the limitations of the SiC MOSFET.
Efficiency per phase of a three-level flowMNPC 0 SiC module with 53 mΩ SiC BUCK MOSFETs
The module behaves in inverter applications in the same way as in a boost circuit. This makes it possible to achieve better performance and efficiency than with a SiC JFET or SiC BJT – and enjoy the added advantage of MOSFET technology’s simple gate drive circuit.

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