Wednesday 20 November 2013

Benchtop SDSI launched!

RADX® Technologies in collaboration with National Instruments, has introduced the RADX LibertyGT™ Model 1200B (“1200B”) COTS Benchtop SDSI. Designed to address high-performance, high-throughput wireless communications, RF and microwave test and measurement applications, the 1200B is a turnkey, multifunction, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), benchtop Software Defined Synthetic Instrument (SDSI) that is uniquely modular, programmable, upgradable, reconfigurable and cost-effective. The 1200B’s modular architecture combines an extensive library of RADX COTS Realtime Measurement Science Software and Firmware modules with a powerful collection of advanced, COTS NI PXI modules and LabVIEW® system design software—all housed in an integrated, field-service-optimized benchtop enclosure equipped with a comprehensive RF Interface Unit (RFIU) and High-Definition (HD) touchscreen display.

“The LibertyGT 1200B couples the unmatched quality and performance of NI PXI modules with RADX patented Realtime Measurement Science Software and Firmware—tightly integrated in a turnkey COTS benchtop instrument,” said Ross Q. Smith, RADX co-founder and CEO. “With industry leading realtime stimulus and measurement capabilities that deliver previously unachievable levels of performance and throughput, coupled with the system’s inherent flexibility, modularity, supportability, upgradability, programmability and reduced life-cycle-costs, the 1200B represents a new benchmark in value for benchtop RF and wireless test and measurement instruments.”

RADX and NI are demonstrating the 1200B in the NI booth (No. 1503) at MILCOM 2013. In addition, RADX will also be demonstrating the LibertyGT 1200B in the Core Systems booth (No. 1316).

About the LibertyGT 1200B

With advanced RF stimulus and measurement capabilities, the LibertyGT 1200B is optimized for high-throughput, multifunction parametric testing of commercial and military digital and analog radios, avionics, smart phones, tablets, data links and other wireless communications systems with transmit and/or receive frequencies under 6 GHz and where the combination of programmability, flexibility, performance, throughput and long life cycle support and total cost of ownership is of paramount importance. The LibertyGT Model 1200B features a RADX and Core Systems designed aluminum enclosure that includes an innovative, hinged, front panel HD touchscreen that supports field-level repairs, upgrades and reconfiguration, an intuitive GUI and LabVIEW based software framework, a comprehensive RFIU for readily testing a wide range of RF systems, and NI PXI modules, including the NI PXIe-5644 vector signal transceiver and LabVIEW software— all tightly integrated with a comprehensive suite of RADX Realtime Measurement Science Software and Firmware modules.

Open Architecture, Programmable and 3rd Party Friendly
With its LabVIEW software framework, multicore Intel® Core™ i7-based embedded controller and multiple Xilinx® FPGA processing capabilities, the 1200B features an open architecture that is ideal for user and integrator programming. The 1200B supports the ready integration of user Test Procedure Sets (TPS), user programs and scripts via industry standard APIs and languages such as LabVIEW, IVI, Python, XML, etc., that leverage RADX Measurement Science Modules and NI LabVIEW Workbenches and Virtual Instruments. In addition, the 1200B supports 3rd party measurement science modules based on popular programming environments including LabVIEW, C, C++, C#, Java and others. For seamless development and quick time to market, the 1200B is binary compatible with and functionally equivalent to the LibertyGT 1000R Test and Development Reference Platform and its associated RFIU.

“With support for stimulus and measurement to 6 GHz, benchtop enclosure and integrated HD touch screen display, the LibertyGT 1200B has the range of functionality, performance, programmability and precision required for comprehensive radio, wireless networking and RF system testing where ease-of-use and repeatable, reproducible test results and high throughput is essential,” added Wade Lowdermilk, RADX co-founder and CTO. “Accordingly, the 1200B is uniquely well suited for multifunction R&D and production commercial wireless test programs as well as DoD communications, avionics/vetronics and weapon systems test applications that have often been beyond the reach of COTS systems.”

Comprehensive RADX Measurement Science Software and Firmware
The 1200B includes the LibertyGT Base Measurement Science Software and Firmware Bundle, which features Spectrum Analysis, 2-Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Standard Calibration/Alignment, Remote Interface and Test Procedure Set & User Programming/Scripting Module (both with IVI support).

In addition, the 1200B also includes the LibertyGT Advanced Measurement Science Software Bundle which contains the following modules: Stimulus Control, Realtime Vector Signal Generator, Realtime RF Receiver Chain, 2-Channel Digitizer, Realtime Digital and Analog Internal and External Waveform Modulation and Demodulation, Advanced Calibration/Alignment, Realtime User Digital I/O, Realtime Bit Error Rate Tester and RF Power Meter. Future options for the 1200B include the User Measurement Science API which enables users and integrators to add third party or their own measurement science software to the system using popular programming environments and a range of modulation and demodulation modules including QAM, PSK, MSK and OFDM with support for various specific standards such as IEEE 802.11 and LTE. In addition, RADX offers NRE-based customer services for developing customer specific modulation/demodulation capabilities and specific automated tests for particular radios or communications systems.

Modular for Reduced TCO
For substantially reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the LibertyGT 1200B employs a highly modular, NI PXIe-based architecture and an innovative hinged front panel design that intrinsically supports module and subsystem replacement, upgrades and technology insertion—in the field. This unique approach dramatically reduces spares, repairs and shipping costs, improves up time and mitigates obsolescence issues and life-time-buys-- all while simultaneously enabling the 1200B to address future requirements, including support for frequencies up to 26.5 GHz, with a simple change of modules.

“The LibertyGT 1200B represents an outstanding value for radio test and similar applications where performance, flexibility, throughput, life cycle and programmability are important,” said Christer Ljungdahl, director of aerospace and defense for the Americas at NI. “By combining NI modular instrumentation with RADX advanced measurement science RADX has created a compelling turnkey, future-proof benchtop instrument. We believe that with the 1200B, system integrators and end users alike will be able to deploy wireless communications system test capabilities in record time and at previously unattainable price points.”

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