Friday 8 November 2013

"Hitting Your Performance Targets!"

 Invensys Eurotherm, a global supplier of measurement and instrumentation for process and machine control applications, is launching four new products at the Aero Engineering Show on 12th -13th November 2013 aimed at helping regulated industries meet their performance targets.

Dave Hartley, Global Marketing Director, who is speaking at the event in conjunction with partner Invensys IMServ, comments:  “I am very excited about Eurotherm taking part in this year’s Aero Engineering Show, especially as we are launching four highly innovative products that all contribute to our theme of ‘Hitting Your Performance Targets’. The increase in regulations such as AMS2750 and CQI-9 and the competitive nature of the industries we work in such as life sciences, heat treatment, plastics solutions and glass manufacturing - means that engineers and technicians have to be at the top of their game in terms of safety and performance all the time. Our products are all designed to meet these very high standards.”

Dave’s talk will cover ‘Web-based service for support of heat treatment standards’ as part of the ‘Advanced Engineering – Heat Treatment’ track at the show.  Eurotherm has been providing engineered solutions for the Heat Treatment industry for more than 40 years and its furnace control solutions enable customers to reduce waste, optimise energy usage and eliminate paper trails, amongst other benefits. 
The four products being launched are: 
  • Eurotherm Online Services (EOS) – is an industry leading service for the heat treatment industry. EOS is made up of EOS Advisor and EOS Director, an innovative solution for anywhere/anytime management and analysis of plant information. Specifically designed for industry, EOS combines storage, workflow, access, and visualisation of critical data in one place. Ideal for industries such as aerospace, automotive, life sciences, healthcare and food and beverage, the tools combine the in-depth knowledge Eurotherm has on managing data, technology and calibration services with its own dedicated offsite storage facility offering secure and efficient web access. EOS is completely scalable and relevant to small scale manufacturing and large, multi-site businesses. 
  • versadac™ Scalable Data Recorder  –   offers a versatile solution for data recording at the point of measurement.  Comprehensive security and data integrity make it ideal for use in regulated industries such as life sciences or heat treatment, or for any application where the loss of data during a manufacturing process would result in a loss of revenue through scrap or rework. Data is recorded in tamper resistant binary check summed files (known as UHH) and stored in on board flash memory.  Flexible archiving strategies ensure long term data is kept secure for later retrieval and analysis if required. The versatility of this unit comes from a flexible range of base sizes and selection of input and output modules to best suit specific application needs.  
A wide range of software features are available including batch control,    
maths functions, totalisers, communications channels and audit trail.       Electronic signatures and password control functionality which meets the     
requirements of FDA21 CFR Part 11 is also available.  Upgrade of both  
   software and hardware can be easily carried out on site ensuring the     
versadac recorder can grow with your process needs.
  • EPack – Compact SCR Power Controller – the perfect replacement for aging contactors, SSRs and SCRs, EPack is simple to use and offers many advanced features not found in standard SCR power controllers.  The compact size, just 2.01” wide x 4.76” high (51 x 121 mm), and the ability to mount side-by-side make the EPack easy to retrofit into existing installations. Three distinct configuration methods are available (including factory and field based) and visual alarm messages can be customised with multiple severity settings.  EPack’s ability to select a single firing mode or combination of firing modes allows for close matching to load characteristics improving process precision and repeatability. The ability to measure voltage, current and power can provide energy consumption information. These features all allow for the unit to be setup to maximize the life of the load device (typically heater elements) and minimise process downtime. 
  • nanodac™ Recorder Controller - The nanodac™ recorder/controller V.5  – offers the ultimate in graphical recording combined with PID (proportional-integral-derivative) control for a box of its size. The compact ¼ DIN panel mount unit offers four high accuracy universal inputs for data recording and PID control. This secure data recording device with accurate control is enhanced by a full colour, ¼ VGA display to bring a crystal clear operator interface to even the smallest of machines. It includes features such as webserver access, EtherNet/IP Client or Server mode, IP66 Washdown Front (particularly useful in the food and beverage industry), a range of I/O options, Dual Channel Programmer, Cascade with auto-tune, OEM Security. 
In addition to these four, Eurotherm will also be previewing its latest contribution to more efficient and effective temperature control with its family of PLC (programmable logic controller) products. The demand for precision manufacturing has never been greater, driven partly by an increase in compliance standards across industry, but also the continuous drive for more accurate manufacturing. To address this need, Eurotherm has introduced its PLC technology to create self-contained complete solutions for when temperature matters.  With one easily deployed and installed device it will now be possible to combine future-proof precision control, the general sequencing needed to drive processes and the secure data recording demanded by regulators. This will not only deliver components that conform to the necessary standards but also means less wastage, higher output and lower energy costs. 

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