Wednesday 13 November 2013

On line training electrical and motor controls and programmable controllers!

Some of the benefits customers will achieve include:
• Increase and maintain a safety record with a properly trained workforce.
• Eliminate “dangerous situations” in maintenance operations from lack of training, skills and troubleshooting techniques.

• Proper skills training can help protect and prevent equipment damage.
• Lower training costs - training without travel expense; skill assessment; flexible scheduling reduces impact of training absences.

• More effective personnel - objectively verified, up-to-date skills.
• Improved production efficiency - ability to adopt new technologies to lower production costs and cycle times.

Some of the features the EMC and PLC Training Program provide include:
• Complete on-line administration and training.
• Rich interactive training sessions and assessments with over 6,000 graphics.
• Unlimited access course handbooks—no additional cost for student kits.
• Over 1400 review assessment questions.
• 280 Lessons in combined thirty-seven courses.
• Thirty-seven comprehensive handbooks totaling over 1200 pages.
TekSo Corporation has announced the launch of a 20-Course eTraining Program on Electrical and Motor Controls (EMC) and a 17-Course on Programmable Controllers (PLC). The EMC and PLC Training Program covers the most critical and fundamental skills that everyone in a manufacturing plant, production and maintenance department needs to know.

These training programs offers a dynamic, interactive combination of multimedia and human touch to provide the right training, in the right way, at the right time and place. Both programs provide instructional lessons, assessment and testing, certificates, and access to free downloadable course handbooks to empower technical workers and management in their efforts to rapidly train and maintain a skilled technical workforce. For FREE preview and detailed content brochure please go to For more information, contact Luis Bryan at or call Toll Free 855-22-TEKSO (855-228-3576) ext. 354 or direct 305-432-2330.

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