Thursday 14 November 2013

LIMS user requirements checklist!

Recognising both the importance and complexity of specifying a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) prior to purchase, Autoscribe has published a comprehensive (29 page) User Requirements Check List to help with the assessment of each LIMS vendor and to fully understand how each vendor meets the specific user requirements. Equally suitable for first time buyers and those looking for a replacement LIMS, this free document is available on request on their website!

The check list ranges from commercial to system support issues. Consideration is given to programming and coding responsibilities, system configuration/customisation and user access and security. There is a thorough review of functionality, including: sample/work registration, sample receipt, sample preparation, work scheduling and result entry. There are sections concerning static data tables, reporting, and options.

Autoscribe’s founder and CEO, John Boother, commented: “The definition of requirements is one of the key aspects of a LIMS project, but all too often it is not dealt with in sufficient detail, which inevitably leads to pain at the later stages of the project. For some time now, Autoscribe has offered a ‘Requirements Definition Service’ in which we work in collaboration with all relevant departments and personnel that will be involved in the project and then deliver a comprehensive and independent User Requirements document.”

“With the publication of this new checklist”, he continued, “we are providing potential purchasers with the starting point to define their requirements. They can then choose to continue on their own, or make use of our service or go to a large consultancy. Either way, they will have a sound basis with which to begin the project.”

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