Thursday 21 November 2013

New member for #wireless Institute! #PAuto #ISA100 #ISAuto

Integrator focused on advancing ‘Internet of Things’ to support ISA100 Wireless™

Centero, the networking technology integrator, has joined the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute .

Centero offers product integration services to process control device suppliers who are adding ISA100 Wireless capability to products in their portfolios. The Centero team includes wireless communication experts with stack and application layer experience who participated in the ISA100 Standards Committee process.

"The Internet of Things!"
Centero is the authorized channel distributor for Nivis communication modules, gateways and related products for the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions; providing engineering services and product support for the same.

“Centero is an active member of the ISA100 Wireless family, as well as a perpetual innovator and promoter of new wireless industrial technologies,” said Robert Assimiti, co-founder and CTO of Centero. “With its IPv6 foundation, we view ISA100 Wireless technology as an integral component in the emerging ‘Internet of Things.’”

“Centero recognizes that ISA100 Wireless provides a solid technical foundation for ‘The Internet of Things’ in industrial computing,” said Andre Ristaino, Managing Director, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute. “The addition of Centero builds on this year’s strategy to establish a credible technical support ecosystem for ISA100 Wireless device suppliers.”

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