Wednesday 6 November 2013

Leader of oil in water analysers joins team!

Advanced Sensors, a leading global supplier of Oil in Water analysers, has joined the PAC team. Advanced Sensors has served oil and gas and marine customers with highly accurate and exceptionally reliable process analysers since 2006.

The Advanced Sensors Oil in Water analysers operate in harsh environments with zero routine maintenance, consistently providing highly accurate and reliable results. These accurate measurements ensure process and environmental control and offer early warning indicators of leaks and discharges. Advanced Sensors has combined numerous technologies, such as ultrasonics, fluorescence, video microscopy, optical spectrometry and mass spectrometry, to ensure that its analysers stay clean and provide precise readings.

“Advanced Sensors provides a proprietary technology that is the preferred choice when customers focus on meeting their regulatory oil in water discharge requirements with confidence. This technology will make PAC’s Process Analytics division even stronger and more competitive,” said Eric Schellenberger, PAC President. “With its strong product technology and its penetration in the Oil & Gas production market segment, Advanced Sensors will enable PAC to deliver a highly differentiated technology to our current process refining customers and expand our market penetration in the upstream market.”

“By joining PAC, Advanced Sensors will continue to invest in the development of innovative products for our customers,” said Khalid Thabeth with Advanced Sensors. “In addition, our customers will benefit from the full range of comprehensive customer service, support, and solutions available to all PAC customers.”

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