Friday 15 November 2013

Croiméal ar son na sláinte! "United we MO!" #Movember #Pauto

At the risk of frightening the horses we share this and make sure the children are tucked up in their beds!

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Our very good friend and CEO of Irish Power & Process, Noel Heary, has embarked on a mission to cover his upper lip with a bushy mannish growth. He is doing this for the worthy cause of men's health, the care of which is often overlooked, more often than not by the men themselves!

This is Not Noel Heery not sure 'bout the tache
He claims to be a member of Generation Moustache for Movember and he thinks we should all support this incredible effort. "Donate what you can or join the cause so together we can change the face of men's health. United we Mo!" 

We think, and his beloved spouse no doubt hopes, that he will apply a sharp razor to the growth at the end of the month! (Follow all #Movember tweets!)

He is aiming to collect a packet and would appreciate it if you helped in this worthy cause.

Will you?

Please mention Read-out if you do or at least #Pauto

Thanks a million! Gura míle maith agaibh!

P.S. We've asked for a pic Pre and Post-Shave so we can just how helpful he has been.

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