Tuesday 26 November 2013

Dream partner in productivity!

Ocean Data Systems was recently presented the Invensys 2013 Productivity Partner Product of the Year Award.

A valuable partner of Invensys, Ocean Data Systems has provided reporting tools to Invensys and its affiliates since 2007.

"Ocean Data Systems received this award for several reasons," explained Dan Fitzpatrick, Invensys Business Development Manager, "including the fact that license sales have tripled in recent quarters. As a progressive member of Invensys' ecosystem, Ocean Data Systems has partnered with other Invensys affiliates to make their third party solutions even better. From their responsiveness to their exceptionally high quality products, Ocean Data Systems is truly deserving of this award."

"This is a great honour," said Alex Mazal, President and CEO of Ocean Data Systems, "We pride ourselves on customer support and we work closely with our OEMs to assure we are delivering the integration and product enhancements to make them successful. It was an honour to receive this trophy at the Invensys Software Users Conference in October."

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