Wednesday 6 November 2013

New series of nuclear pressure transmitters

Nuclear Pressure Transmitters improves operating accuracy in critical safety applications

Emerson Process Management is offering improved pressure measurement solutions to help nuclear operators manage their plant safely and reliably. The Rosemount 3150 Series of Nuclear Pressure Transmitters provides performance improvements in the areas of reference accuracy, transmitter drift, temperature effects, static line pressure effects and qualified life. 

For more than 40 years, Emerson has supplied qualified pressure measurement instrumentation for nuclear applications. Emerson’s drive for continuous improvement has produced the fully analogue Rosemount 3150 Series, which builds on the proven performance of Rosemount’s legacy 1150 Series design. 

The 3150 Series offers expanded capability and improved documentation that meets the latest qualification standards and requirements of third generation plant designs. These transmitters have completed robust test programmes and are qualified to IEEE Std. 323TM and IEEE Std. 344TM for use in mild to harsh or severe environments.

The Rosemount 3150 Series provides a blend of proven performance and product enhancements for harsh environment applications within both legacy and next generation reactor designs. 

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