Monday 25 November 2013

Rental solution for old landfill gas analysers!

As rental partner for Geotech, a leading gas analyser manufacturer, Ashtead Technology has an effective, low-cost solution for customers dealing with gas analyser obsolescence. For example, Geotech landfill gas analysers first manufactured in 1999 have now been replaced and updated to incorporate the latest technology, such as GPS and Bluetooth. For users of these much older analysers, the facility to rent instruments from Ashtead Technology’s fleet of the latest models, provides a smooth transition from redundant instruments to the latest technology.

The analysers manufactured before February 2007 include the GA2000, GEM2000, GA2000 Plus and GEM2000 Plus analysers with serial numbers from GA4999 to GA09149. Geotech’s aim is to service these analysers for as long as possible after the last analyser is manufactured (typically, the life of an analyser is 10 years), but this series of analysers was first manufactured 14 years ago, and the cost of replacement parts for the original design has now become preclusive. Customers with these instruments now have the option to rent the latest models, a viable long-term option for some Ashtead Technology customers.

Ashtead Technology’s Jay Neermul believes that renting provides a good opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology: “The new GA5000 landfill gas analyser is now the most popular in our hire fleet; partly because it is Ex approved, but also because it provides highly accurate readings (+/- 0.5% for CH4 and CO2) in half the time of its predecessor.”

The GA5000 is also smaller and lighter with a new colour screen that works in all light conditions and features new intuitive menus, with a choice of languages, which guide users through the measurement process.

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