Thursday 21 June 2012

North American indication!

A new series of UL certified LED panel indicators from Marl are designed specifically to address the needs of new and existing products for, and customers in the US and Canadian markets.
690 Series panel indicators from Marl are UL certified for use in North America
Marl’s design team based the 690 Series on a 9.6mm mounting hole, adapted with a US thread form and low profile lens to increase resistance to accidental or deliberate vandalism, whilst enhancing the optical performance for viewing in a range of ambient light conditions. The specially designed electronic circuit accepts a universal input ranging between 8 to 48 volts AC/DC, providing a global platform for all applications.

With an IP67 rating, the 690 Series panel indicator is fully protected against ingress from dust and liquid making it ideal for a wide range of outdoor control and monitoring applications which demand the reassurance of UL certification. The smoked lens assembly gives a good on/off contrast ratio for sunlight readable applications, and internal potting means they can withstand high vibration applications. They are designed for new and retrofit applications and will fit in existing round mounting holes or a D Mounting Hole for anti-rotation.

“We decided to design the 690 Series after being contacted by a company in the US who were experiencing reliability issues with their current panel socket and lamp,” said Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director at Marl. “Our design team was able to eliminate these issues and create an indicator that provides excellent performance in all weather conditions and is capable of many years reliable service.”

• A UL Field Representative has visited Marl’s extensive manufacturing facilities in  Britain and following the visit the 690 Series received UL certification number 20120419-E349017.

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