Thursday 28 June 2012

Co-operation brings wireless worldwide

Moore Industries and MACTek Corporation have joined forces to jointly market and supply the BULLET® WirelessHART® Adapter through Moore Industries’ worldwide sales network. Engineered by MACTek Corporation, the BULLET is part of a complete solution for sending smart HART and analog process signals over WirelessHART networks. With several industry-first features including Explosion-Proof (XP) certification, the BULLET offers an affordable way to take full advantage of WirelessHART networks with both new and existing smart HART or analog devices.

The BULLET is the only product that can send process signals from just one or up to eight multi-dropped smart HART transmitters on a WirelessHART link. In addition, it can work with Moore Industries’ TCS Temperature Concentrator System to send up to 16 temperature measurements across a WirelessHART network. Combined with its highly competitive price, the multidrop capability of the BULLET can reduce costs along with simplifying the process of connecting HART devices to a wireless network. As an interface solutions provider, Moore Industries will work with customers on custom multidrop applications to add new measurement points to the network at a cost not possible using wired connections and when compared to other solutions currently on the market.

The full line of General Purpose (GP), Intrinsically-Safe (IS) and XP-rated BULLET products allow users to get the most out of all smart HART devices from Moore Industries such as the THZ2/TDZ2 Smart HART Temperature Transmitters and the HTZ Smart HART Humidity and Temperature Transmitter. Along with being ideal for use with Moore Industries’ HART field devices and I/O, the BULLET transmits signals from HART devices and valves or HART I/O made by any manufacturer.

“Moore Industries and MACTek worked together to provide a product that enhances the capabilities of our current line of smart HART products,” said Moore Industries founder and President Leonard W. Moore. “The BULLET WirelessHART Adapter solves the challenge of connecting new or existing smart HART or analog devices to a wireless network without incurring extensive additional costs. It’s a rugged solution suitable for all industrial locations that boasts a package of features unavailable in other products.”

Supporting both WirelessHART MESH and STAR network configurations, the BULLET can be connected directly to a HART device or at any junction box along the HART 4-20mA loop. It sends process signals including first, second, third and fourth measurement variables, custom diagnostic and alarm data and custom commands. It also accepts analog signals such as 4-20mA, making it an ideal choice for adapting legacy analog instruments to WirelessHART networks.

The rugged XP-rated BULLET can be powered either by an external DC power supply or by scavenging from existing loop-power. When using loop-power, it utilizes the patented StepVolt™ technology to manage the balance between power demands and wireless communications bandwidth. By setting insertion voltage in steps from 1 to 2.5 volts, StepVolt allows the BULLET to draw the power it needs without unnecessarily sacrificing available bandwidth.

“This joint marketing relationship brings together two recognized leaders in the field of HART-enabled products – MACTek with our full line of HART modems and Moore Industries with its HART loop interfaces and other HART products,” said Thomas Holmes, President of MACTek Corporation. “The BULLET WirelessHART Adapter allows Moore Industries to provide an exciting addition to their existing smart HART solutions along with a standalone product that can be used with any registered third-party smart HART device.”

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