Friday 1 June 2012

Terminal binding post and recess plate availability!

Cliff Electronics has expanded its manufacturing capacity for Terminal Binding Posts and Recess Plates,  with manufacturing industrial, pro-audio and safety versions available

Melvyn French, Sales Manager at Cliff Electronics, comments, "As a long standing UK manufacturer of interconnect and switching components we are pleased to have increased our manufacturing capacity in Britain to meet the increasing demands from our domestic customers and continued export growth.”

Cliff Terminal Posts are available in a range of styles & sizes suitable for a wide variety of applications including Professional and Consumer Audio, Test and Measurement, Power Supplies, Laboratory and Industrial systems. All terminals are supplied with mounting hardware.

The range now consists of a number of standard versions. TP/1, rated at 15A, can accept a 4mm “Banana Plug” in the top hole and/or a 2mm plug in the cross-hole. The TP/2 is rated 15A, is a compact style requiring minimal panel space and can accept a 4mm ‘Banana Plug” in the top hole and and/or a 2mm plug in the cross hole. The TP/6 range is rated to 30A and incorporates a wide range of styles including the TP/6ML all metal gold plated versions.. The TP/60 is rated to 60A and features extra-large cross holes for heavy duty connectors and features the CLIFF® castellated knob for tightening with a screwdriver or coin.

The company now offer a wide range of standard dual and quad Terminal Post Assemblies mounted on plates. Semi-custom and full custom versions are available to meet customer’s individual specifications. Cliff can produce terminal assemblies that will accommodate spade terminals and 4mm plugs. Such assemblies can be PCB mounting with vertical or right angle options and a choice of 2BA or 10x32 UNF spindle threads as required.

For Premium Audio applications Cliff manufactures the TP/6ML binding post which is rated at 30A and supplied with gold plated brass knobs and spindles, the mounting fixtures are the same as TP/6

For safety critical applications the Cliff range of Touch-Proof terminals are supplied with mounting hardware and customers can choose spindle length and nickel or gold plating. Two versions are available, the TP/44, rated at 30A and supplied in standard colours of red and black, with 10 x 32 UNF thread spindles. Typical applications for the TP/44 are Test Instruments. The second type is the TP/60, rated at 60A and available in standard colours of red and black, with ¼” UNF threaded spindles. The TP60 can be supplied with clear plastic knobs with coloured indents and can accommodate up to 6 gauge speaker wire. The most common application for the TP/60 is high end audio equipment.

Complementing Cliff Terminal Binding Posts is a range of recess plates that can be supplied as plain or populated with a choice of Cliff Binding Posts. Standard recess plates are manufactured with specific “knock-out” sections that can house binding posts, jack sockets and XLR sockets and customer specific requirements are welcome.

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