Saturday 9 June 2012

Enhancement simplifies workflow

MatrikonOPC™ has expanded the functionality of its OPC Server for Allen Bradley by adding the support for Rockwell®’s EN2T communication card, bit writes, and revamped graphical user interface. With the newly added features, the MatrikonOPC Server for Allen-Bradley® provides users with a comprehensive connectivity package for all Allen-Bradley PLCs in one OPC Server and an optimized workflow, all of which makes configuration and maintenance faster and more intuitive.

Enabling Bit Writes through OPC items provides granular control over data access, which allows engineers to perform intricate operations down to the lowest levels. Also, this OPC Server comes with built-in role-based security down to the per- tag-level. Based on each user’s login, this OPC Server selectively grants or denies access to specific tags, providing only the authorized users with secure access to the right process data. This means the Allen-Bradley OPC Server actively protects the integrity of the overall automation system data.

“Today’s tough economy is driving companies to find innovative ways to do more with less – if they do not, the competition will. The advanced functionality and simplified workflow MatrikonOPC put into this OPC Server for Allen Bradley makes it easier to setup and maintain – saving users time and effort,” said Darek Kominek, marketing manager at MatrikonOPC.

Key features include:
Comprehensive connectivity support for PLC5’s, SLC500’s, Micrologix (1100 A, 1400, 1200, etc.), and ControlLogix’s
Automatic discovery of Allen Bradley PLCs making the integration a snap.
High-performance OPC Server suited for sequential, process, drive, and motion control
And many more...

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