Friday 29 June 2012

High-tech prize winner!

Berlin (D) and Luterbach(CH) were the scenes of much celebration earlier this month (June). TESEQ AG, the manufacturer of EMC measurement and test devices, had won won the “Swiss Economic Award 2012”, the most important start-up company prize in Switzerland.
Johannes Schmid - CEO Teseq
The Swiss Economic Award, has been awarded annually to outstanding start-up companies since 1999. It is considered the most important corporate development prize in Switzerland, and not just because of the prize money of CHF 75,000 – 25,000 (ca €62000 - €21000) in each of the three categories. Year on year the jury is composed of high-calibre members. In 2012 the business woman Carolina Müller-Möhl presided over the expert panel which included renowned businessmen as well as highly reputed scientific experts. The jurors selected the KMU TESEQ AG, founded in 2006, as winner in the category high-tech/biotech for its excellent corporate achievements. A beaming CEO Johannes Schmid accepted the major prize in front of over 1,200 public figures. His message to the audience: “We will keep on growing”.

As TESEQ CEO Johannes Schmid carved out the test device division from the mother company Schaffner AG in 2006 there was little to indicate a great future. The measuring and test devices for electromagnetic compatibility were somewhat neglected as a field in the multi-faceted Global scheme of things. However, this changed quickly and radically with the “Management Buyout”. The positive result for the region: Instead of jobs being lost new jobs were created – and will continue to be.

Global Market Presence
Since its founding six years ago, TESEQ now has 14 subsidiaries in 9 countries, primarily in Europe, Asia and the USA. The 200 employee company has six calibration laboratories and the number of new standard-setting test devices developed since its founding is impressive. The broad range of measuring and test devices is employed in the car industry, industrial electronics, the consumer goods industry, the medical technology and telecommunication sectors, and even the aerospace industry.

Progress Without Limits
The latest coup of the high-Tech company: At the end of 2011 the British company MILMEGA, leading semiconductor power amplifier manufacturer, was acquired, thus catapulting TESEQ from fifth to second place amongst the industry’s global players.

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