Tuesday 19 June 2012

Digital panel meters

The JR/JR20-P is capable of measuring temperature 3-wire Pt100 and 2-wire Pt1000 (IEC 60751) and Thermocouple (IEC 60584-1), 3-wire Potentiometer, 2-wire Resistance and Process input signals (±10V, ±200V and ±20mA) .

Both JR-P and JR20-P models are easy to scale into desired engineering units, directly by front panel keys or real input signal value in teach mode. A universal power supply is also a feature offering aux supply from 12V to 230V AC/DC voltage supply.

Fully configurable, they allow signal input type selection and also provide a 24V DC @ 30mA output for sensor excitation. The JR-P is a 4 digit indicator with 14mm digit and -9999 to 9999 display range and the JR20-P has a 4 digit indicator with 20mm digit and -1999 to 9999 display range.

Both model allow configurable decimal point by three front panel keys and has 2 led for set points status indication (if output 2RE option card is installed)

They are available from Vydas

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