Saturday 9 June 2012

Automation grant in demand

The British Automation and Robot Association (BARA) has reported that after the completion of the first year of the government funded Automating Manufacturing programme, 156 applications were received from British manufacturers to March 31 exceeding the best estimations by over 50%. British manufacturers are urged to apply before the government money runs out.

Mike Wilson Chairman of the British Automation and Robot Association said “we are delighted with the uptake from industry so far. The UK is one of the nations within Europe that has been slow to adopt the use of automation with a mere 25 robots per 10,000 employees as opposed to 127 per 10,000 employees in Germany. One of the keys to success in addressing the UK’s budget deficit is increasing the export output from the UK and the way to do this is by making UK manufacturing as efficient as possible.”

Allen Green Managing Director of A K Industries who recently completed a review said “we have recently had our automation review carried out on site and we have found this very useful. The automation expert has highlighted several areas that we could cost effectively automate and the pay back period is a lot shorter than we had thought. We are pleased that the government is prepared to help UK manufacturing take the next steps in remaining competitive in an ever increasingly global market place. We have just completed our first 6-axis robotic cell”.

Grant Collier of the PPMA group who promotes the automation programme added “we have actively attended many regional events and exhibitions, the PPMA show, and used our extensive end user databases within our four associations and our strategic partners. In addition we have executed a comprehensive PR programme with industry, regional and national press. As a result applications continue to look very positive for year two”.

British Manufacturers in any sector are urged to take advantage of the programme which involves an independent automation expert visiting factory premises and assessing where automation can help. The expert will then write a full report all of which is paid for by the government.

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