Sunday 17 June 2012

The “highest density of power & intelligence”

The Gold Drum HV 100/800, Elmo Motion Control’s latest super-compact servo drive, delivers up to 100 A and operates up to 800 VDC. This expands Elmo’s “Any Power” coverage from 10 W – 60 KW of qualitative servo power.

Elmo has launched the Gold Drum 100/800 ─ a 60 KW, high-performance, wide bandwidth servo drive yet with a very high-efficiency of around 99%.

Now they offer the widest range of network-based servo drives with an identical core and the same operating environment. As with any other member of the Gold Servo Drives family, the Gold Drum HV 100/800 demonstrates again that their products are “Smart, Small, Simple,” and full of features and capabilities.

The Gold Drum HV 100/800 is EtherCAT and CANOpen compliant and, in conjunction with Elmo’s Gold Maestro, creates a high-level, real-time, multi-axis network. Elmo’s ‘go-standard’ policy, allows easy expansion, upgrading, replacing or even adding non-Elmo products to the network.

The new products are developed to make life easier for customers: they are user-friendly; accessible; reduce integration time and maintenance costs; are easy to set up and tune using Elmo Application Studio (EAS) software tools; and have a Windows-based application so that users can configure the drive for optimal use with their motor without breaking a sweat. As part of Elmo’s Gold Line, the drives are based on existing technology to ensure the fastest time-to-market.

Main Features:
 “Direct to mains” operation from rectified 480VAC
 High speed networking by fully compliant EtherCAT, or CANOpen
 Supports any Feedback in any configuration: single, dual, gantry, etc.
 Wide bandwidth in current, velocity, position operating modes
 Advanced, extremely fast and most efficient vector control algorithm (current loop bandwidth: 4 kHz)
 Complies with most stringent Industrial Standards such as IEC61800, UL508c, UL60950, and EN61000

Eli Cohen, Elmo’s senior design engineer, said "We set out to bring to the market a drive that despite its small appearance is as intelligent as it is powerful – a great challenge and especially considering how diverse our other gold line products are. However, we invested significant resources and skills into this project and are proud to say that we have developed the highest density of power and intelligence in a compact package that places 60,000 watts at your fingertips!"

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