Friday 22 June 2012

BMS in historic Paris building

The Business Louvre in Paris (F) has selected ARC Informatique's PcVue supervisor to manage its building management system (BMS)

The building’s owner SFL (Lyon Property Company) undertook extensive renovation, especially for office accommodation. An efficient BMS was needed to enable the company to operate and monitor the 37,000m2 of available floor space. In particular, this had to be managed and optimized to allow energy consumption to be reduced by 20% to 30%.

This building dates from 1852 and is situated opposite the Louvre Museum in Paris. It was built on the instructions of French emperor Napoleon III and initially used for shops. Today, the first two levels of the Antique Dealers’ Louvre contains over 250 stands in 10,000m² and 30 artistic specialty shops with artifacts from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Six upper floors are dedicated to the business centre called The Business Louvre (Louvre des Entreprises) which has hosted prestigious tenants since 1990, including the Ministry of Finance, the U.S. Embassy and the Banque de France.

The company ESOPE was entrusted with project management and APILOG AUTOMATION took charge of the BMS package. The works include some for The Business Louvre and some for common equipment and supplies between it and the Antique Dealers’ Louvre.

The PcVue supervision monitors the following LonWorks© equipment:
- France Energie heat pumps with KARNO OEM regulators; in all, 1,200 heat pumps will be monitored.
- Lighting with ACELIA infrared multi-sensor modules.
- Blinds with ACELIA modules for 230V motors.
- THERMOKON remote controls for centralized control of heat pumps, lighting and blinds.
- Data acquisition from divisional panels on several levels, via JOHNSON CONTROLS FX15 PLCs.

This architecture uses LonWorks© technology and is complemented by:
- Supply equipment: air conditioning units and substations for electrical regulation and distribution, controlled via TREND IP devices.
- All of the tenants' meters and the central low-tension boards: PcVue processes and analyzes data from some 250 meters on Modbus. A TSX PLC supports management of the backup supply (GE).

Eventually this project will comprise over 2,500 LonWorks© nodes.

The BMS architecture mainly consists of 36 Loytec L-INX servers, 3 PcVue supervisory stations with WebVue thin-client access via Internet/intranet and NL Facilities from Newron System (using the Monitoring and Zoning version for surveillance and subdivision of areas).

Together with PcVue's flexibility and advanced technology, APILOG AUTOMATION has been able to achieve open systems integration of the hardware and software. The solution provides for management of all of the building's equipment and quick response times in case of emergency. It exhibits easy-to-use, effective behavior that affords quick control of each area plus dynamic reconfiguration. This application is outstanding for its management and optimization of energy consumption, with expected energy savings in the order of 20% to 30%.

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