Friday 22 June 2012

New interactive website!

Regular visitors and readers here know that we are suckers for the unusual or otherwise introduction to a press release. Anything to relieve the (let's face it!) sometimes very boring stream of press releases that fill the Read-out mailbox each morning. Today we have one such, not for the first time, from Graham Meller of Buttonwood.

"You probably receive plenty of emails announcing new websites and a lot of them, let’s face it, are simply a re-design to make it look better and possibly easier to navigate. This announcement is not one of those – sure, the new web site looks better and is probably easier to navigate but it now offers a great deal more and I hope that you will be able to publish this news," he says. So what else could we do!

Hach Lange launches new interactive website

Hach Lange, the leading global provider of water testing and monitoring equipment and reagents, has launched a completely new web site that, in addition to a new online shopping facility, now enables visitors to access a vast database of information on water quality testing in the laboratory, in the field and within industrial and municipal processes.

Marketing Manager Sarah Blayds says “The new site represents a knowledge hub for anyone with a professional interest in the quality of water and wastewater. However, a great deal of time and effort has gone into the development of ways for users to find the information they need. For example, an intuitive search function provides access by industry, parameter, application or product group, which makes it fast and easy to find prices, technical data, safety data sheets, calibration certificates, product brochures, product updates and application reports.

“In addition to the facility to place orders online, users will be able to create wish lists, view previous purchases and track current orders.”

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